Jiahui Hou is a professor of computer science at the University of Science and Technology of China. Jiahui’s research interests center around Artificial Intelligence of Things, AI security, data privacy and mobile computing. Her research has been published in conjunction with several top conferences and journals, including ACM MobiCom, IEEE TIFS, TDSC, etc. She received a bachelor’s in computer science from USTC in 2015 before completing a PhD (2020) in computer science at Illinois Institute of Technology, USA.

Intelligence of Things, AI security, data privacy, and mobile computing

Smart Manufacturing: To match users to standard BOMs.
Smart Decision-making: To quickly decide the cargo capacity of the ship.
Smart Health Care: To accurately perceive the patient’s status.


Motivated and reliable researcher with a background in combinatorial optimization problem or problem-solving skills. Familiar programming skills in  Python,  Java or C/C++, Git.