Prof. Lu obtained his PhD from Texas A&M University in 1992. Following that, he did research in the Theory Division at CERN, the Center for Theoretical Physics at Texas A&M University and the Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics at Michigan University, respectively, before he joined USTC as a Professor in Physics in 2002. Prof. Lu’s research interest lies in string/M theory and the related topics. He made a significant contribution to the non-perturbative string/M theory during the so-called second string theory revolution. He was one of first few people to discover the non-perturbative brane objects in string theory and revealed the connection between string and branes which had before been thought otherwise. This finding indicates that string theory is not merely strings and the branes so discovered have to be included into consideration, giving now so-called M-theory, a candidate for the unified theory of all interactions of nature.

M-brane dynamics and possible dualities, open string pair production and its enhancement, Matrix theory.

In this project, students are expected to learn the basics of string/M theory and the related, with a possibility of getting involved in some concrete research problem.

Students with strong motivation and interests in theoretical high energy physics.