Served as the Director of the Clinical Research Center at the Cleveland Clinic (Ranked as the 2nd Best Hospital in the World in 2022)
A sub-center Leader and the Esteemed Member of the ADNI Steering Committee, Overseeing the world‘s Largest Collection of Clinical data and Biological Samples Pertaining to Alzheimer’s disease
Chairing and actively participating in numerous global Phase III clinical trials focus on Alzheimer’s disease
Responsible for the Initial Discovery of the Pituitary Adenosine Cyclase Activating Peptide (PACAP) – Adenosine phosphate activating kinase (AMPK) – deacetylase (Sirtuin3) pathway.

Cognitive function, Neurodegenerative diseases, Alzheimer’s disease and other related Cognitive Disorders

Participate in face-to-face subject follow-up
Observe and emulate cell and animal experiments

A profound passion for the domain of neurodegenerative diseases
A genuine commitment to seeking truth, exhibiting courage in exploration, actively engaging in innovative practices, and displaying a vibrant enthusiasm.
A strong inclination towards collaborative efforts.