Shiping Liu is a Professor at the School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China. He received his PhD (Dr. rer. nat.) degree in 2012 from University of Leipzig under the supervision of Prof. Jürgen Jost. Before that, he was a postgraduate student in Academy of Mathematics and System Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, and an undergraduate student at Shandong University. During 2013-2016, he was a Research Associate at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Durham University, UK. His research field is discrete geometric analysis, with particular interests to the topics of discrete Ricci curvature and spectral graph theory.

Discrete geometric analysis

There are various interesting conjectures or questions about the discrete Ricci curvature and spectrum of particular classes of graphs. For example, the discrete Ricci curvature values of distance regular graphs with girth 3 are particularly interested. We expect people who are interested in designing algorithms to check plenty of examples and making theoretical findings from the numerical experiments.