Plants have evolved high plasticity in their post-embryonic growth and development owing to their sessile lifestyles. This is ensured by complex molecular networks, requiring the interplay between different signalling pathways. Dr. Shutang Tan focuses on plant cell biology. Specifically Dr. Tan is known as the discover of the biological functions of plant PDK1, a protein kinase acting by phosphorylating protein substrates. He has published over 30 articles in top journals, such as Science, Nature, Nature Plants, and The Plant Cell.

1.Endomembrane trafficking & auxin.
2.Reversible protein phosphorylation & auxin.
3.Salicylic acid & auxin in plant development.
4.Novel compounds & auxin.

1.Novel genes involved in the auxin pathway.
2.Novel bioactive compounds & plant development.

1.Well trained in molecular biology, such as molecular cloning and E.coli transformation.
2.Working experience on plant biology, and it would be great if one has experiences working on Arabidopsis thaliana, a model plant.