Dr. Cai earned his PhD from the Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2010. His postdocs were at Arizona State University, USA (2010-2012) and McGill University, Canada (2012-2015). In 2015, he became a professor in the Astronomy Dept. at the School of Physical Sciences, USTC. His research in particle cosmology focuses on early universe models, large-scale structure formation, cosmic origins, and universe expansion dynamics.His numerous innovative works have received widespread attention and positive recognition from international peers, and have been reported on by international media multiple times. He has published more than 150 papers in international journals and at international academic conferences, including Physics Reports and Physical Review Letters.

Inflationary cosmology; string theory cosmology; bounce cosmology; dark energy; cosmic strings; black hole physics

In this project, students are expected to learn the basics of cosmology and be involved in the exploration of frontier topics in fundamental physics and cosmology.

Students with strong motivation and interests in fundamental physics and cosmology.