Dr. Xiang received his Ph.D. degree in optics from University of Science & Technology of China, in 2005. After that, he worked as a post-doctor in USTC. From 2007-2010, Dr. Xiang worked as a research fellow at center for quantum dynamics in Griffith University. Since 2010, he joined USTC as a faculty. His research focuses on quantum measurement and quantum sensing. He has published over 80 research papers in prestigious journals such as Nat. Phys, Nat. Photonics, Nat. commun., Sci. Adv., and PRL.

1) Quantum multi-parameter estimation.
2) Heisenberg limited precision measurement.
3) Rydberg atomic quantum sensing.
4) Foundational problem of quantum mechanics.

In this project, students have the opportunity to learn the basics of quantum optics, quantum interference, parameter estimation theory, quantum control with cold and hot atoms, be involved in formulating experimental proposals and building apparatus.

Students with strong motivation and interests in experimental quantum information processing, and quantum optics.